Bratz 4 Real

Bratz 4 Real 1.0

Bratz 4 Real presents both real characters and animated cartoon video clips
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Bratz 4 Real is a shareware game for the PC. We can buy and download the trial version from the developer’s website. Harry up evaluating it as it can terminate at any time. The game is for an individual player with both real characters and animated cartoon video clips. In this game, the Bratz real girls are just started their first year course at Carry Nation High School, and they have ideas and plans for the school, which openly differ from those of the school student president. We must help Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Cloe to make their way to a united school. The animated cartoon video clips are divided in eight chapters, each containing part of the story we can view, read and listen to, and interactive mini-games and instructions for us to follow, we can play fast food fight, help Jasmine shop her fashion outfits, train their pets, take pictures whenever the camera icon is available. These photos are saved automatically to the Photo Album. We can view, print, and delete the photos in the album. We can also select the music volume for the only song, and the effects volume. It runs under Windows XP and Vista.

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  • Free demo


  • The games are quite boring and do not contain any educational interest
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